Hurtling Towards a Change in Direction

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

Today marks a change in direction for The IT Juggler. Before the COVID19 pandemic, I had been providing assistance for WordPress websites with a focus on performance. This was an area that was ‘interesting’ but wasn’t ‘challenging’ – it made use of my existing background skillsets as a Systems Admin but there wasn’t any real push for self improvement.

Today marks the first step towards software development. Towards creating an application that others may find useful and possibly might even be willing to financially commit to regularly using. My goal, however, is to find joy in the process and the journey and not only in the destination. I’ll be documenting the interesting things I find, the software and tools I plan to use and integrate, the websites that I find helpful. And I warn you – this will be a very raw and honest process. At the moment, I plan to break my posts up into Thoughts, Architecture and Development – ideas and concepts, system and application design, and the war story of my learnings during the development journey.

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