Steve Ollis - The IT JugglerWho is The IT Juggler?

The IT Juggler is a Technology Services organisation managed and run by Stephen Ollis. Stephen (or Steve) is an IT Professional who has been in the IT industry since 1985. He is happily married to his first (and only!) wife Lyn for almost 27 years, and has been blessed by three wonderful children: Tim (22), Emilie (13) and Benjamin-Jedidiah (11). Hillsong Church is the church he and his family belong to, and Stephen and Lyn have been members for longer than they’ve been married.

What is The IT Juggler about?

The blog side of this site aims to give you useful snippets of information, links to lesser known great services, and reviews of the technology that you’re using now or should be. The upkeep of the site will be supported by two mechanisms: the occasional affiliate link, and any paid reviews that might come along. Examples of what you can expect to find are:

Where has The IT Juggler been?

In the past 28 years, Steve has had the pleasure of working in Government, Corporate, Service Provider and Non-profit organisations. Steve has been employed by:

You can find out more about Steve by visiting the following social networking sites. These pages will give you a bit of background about Steve, and the things that he likes.