Cloudflare Observatory and WAF

Cloudflare Observatory

Following on from my previous post about Cloudflare WAF – doing more with less, I thought I would have a play with a beta feature I saw in the “Speed” section called “Observatory”. I couldn’t get it to work until I discovered an interesting interaction between Cloudflare Observatory and Cloudflare WAF. To get started, Cloudflare … Read more

Cloudflare WAF – doing more with less

Cloudflare logo

I often get asked what blogging platform I recommend for individuals and small organisations, and I invariably suggest WordPress – it is commonly available across multiple web hosting providers, has plugins to cover almost every requirement, and can scale to grow to support almost all usage patterns. However, the common use of WordPress is both … Read more

Playing with Systems Designs

System Design Primer - Donne Martin - systems diagram

I have been playing with some systems designs to prepare for a project I am working on. It has been interesting to see how my design principles have actually aligned with some existing recommendations and documentation. For example, this great write-up by Donne Martin, tech lead at Facebook reaffirmed what my experiences at OzEmail/UUNet had … Read more

Hurtling Towards a Change in Direction

A Change In Direction

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. Today marks a change in direction for The IT Juggler. Before the COVID19 pandemic, I had been providing assistance for WordPress websites with a focus on performance. This was an area that was ‘interesting’ but wasn’t ‘challenging’ – it made use of my existing background skillsets as a Systems Admin but there … Read more